Learn how TypeCloud helps IT startups, SaaS companies, and enterprises to get their fullstack TypeScript applications to production easier and at a lower cost.

What is TypeCloud?

TypeCloud is a serverless cloud platform that helps TypeScript developers create and host auto-scalable fullstack applications without pain and at a lower cost. With TypeCloud, it's extremely fast and easy to get from local development to scalable production deployment in the cloud.

Why TypeCloud?

  • It's serverless. You don't have to manage any servers in the cloud. You pay for resources consumed, not for running virtual server or DB instances. Also, it doesn't require any scaling management. It scales automatically and linearly as your application payload increases.

  • It's TypeScript-oriented. We aim to make TypeCloud the best choice for a TypeScript developer. We are striving for the developer experience that stands out.

  • It's extremely simple. You don't have to learn any complicated stuff to build and deploy scalable and cost-effective SaaS or enterprise web applications.

  • It includes essential cloud APIs. We know you need more than just hosting. That's why we give you scalable and production-ready cloud APIs. Send emails, store and organize files, scheduler background jobs, upload and process images, and monitor errors. Have everything in one place under your single account. You don't need to buy any expensive third-party services. Pay only for the cloud resources you use.

TypeCloud vs Alternatives

There are a lot of tools and services to build and deploy TypeScript applications. We want to explain why TypeScloud stands out and how it differs from the alternatives.

TypeCloud vs. AWS (Google Cloud or MS Azure)

The mentioned cloud providers are extremely powerful but, at the same time, offer low-level cloud infrastructure. You need to learn and understand many nuances of building scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud applications. It might take months to get ready and to start building professional production-ready TypeScript applications in the cloud.

We created TypeCloud to hide all the complexity of low-level serverless development. It's as easy as to write a couple of lines of TypeScript code and run a CLI command to deploy your app.

TypeCloud vs. Heroku (and other Docker-based hostings)

To use Docker in production, you have to buy one or several server instances to run your app. It means you pay for those instances even if nobody is using your app. Once your app payload increases, you have to buy new instances and to balance traffic between them. Automatic scaling would cost you extra money. Docker-based cloud services usually offer only cloud infrastructure, not any business-related services similar to TypeCloud APIs.

TypeCloud vs. Firebase

Firebase is part of Google Cloud Platform. It's mostly oriented to mobile developers. You configure resources in the Firebase Admin Console. It's hard to replicate a configuration someone made.

TypeCloud configuration is declared in TypeScript. It makes it easy to replicate the configuration. You can copy the corresponding .ts files to your another TypeScript application or extract a separate TS module that can be reused. TypeCloud smoothly integrates with your CI pipeline and Git workflow. Everything is code.

TypeCloud vs. third-party SaaS services

You might need to send emails from your app, process images, or store files in the cloud. You can setup and run your own mail and file servers, but it's time-consuming and requires to learn and implement essential but very complicated nuances of sending emails such as IP warming up, DNS configuration, and many many others. So, you would want to buy a subscription of corresponding third-party services. It's expensive, unreliable, and hard to manage all that different third-party accounts. Your system becomes more vulnerable to different kinds of failures.

TypeCloud allows you to have everything you need under a single account. You don't have to overpay for fixed plans. You can pay as much as you consume and don't depend on lots of third-parties. TypeCloud fully manages your app.